She was body-shamed by her own husband, to the extent that he abandoned her for being overweight.

But if you looked at ‘Ruby Beauty’ today, you wouldn’t believe that she once struggled with crippling body-image issues.

A national-level medalist in bodybuilding, this mother of a six-year-old is now setting fitness goals for women across the country.





Speaking to ANI, the Tamil Nadu champion recalls, “My husband said that he lost interest in me because of my weight. It was then that it hit me the hardest that I have to take care of my fitness. I started walking and lost a lot of weight after that. It became even more difficult after I had my son. But I could do it because I had set my goal.”

The road to success wasn’t easy. Fitness may be a journey, but it can be a financially draining one. She has to consume expensive supplements but manages with what she earns from her Zumba classes.

She won the national-level bodybuilding championship in Assam and was also crowned Chennai’s Ms Fitness. She now seeks support from the state government to continue bodybuilding.

“I want the state government to help me grow more. I have proved myself, and I want to show that women can do this. So far there was no one from our state in this field,” she says.

Ruby’s coach, Kartik, who has seen the woman struggle through the years, praised her for her determination.

Speaking to ANI, he confidently added that Ruby would win the title of Miss India in Fitness, with ease.

“I have trained more than 100 females in fitness, but they would lose interest within a few months. But Ruby Beauty has willpower. I fixed one year for her but she achieved results within six months,” he said.

At a time when youngsters undergo mental breakdowns and battle eating disorders, Ruby’s journey to turn her life around gives us hope.


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