The Economic Times and Times CSR recently held the ET CSR Sustainable Future panel discussion. This was the first of a series of panel discussion on CSR. ET CSR Sustainable Future is a part of our digital platform. This is a platform were ET and Times CSR would have a series of panel discussions with industry experts: CEOs, CSR heads, subject matter experts on CSR.

Last year, we had launched The Economic Times CSR Compendium with best in class content from subject matter experts and also showcasing the work of 27 corporate which was released by Minister of State for Finance Jayant Sinha.

The recently held panel was titled – “CSR in India: 2016-2017 Way Ahead”. Chaired by: Vijay Sethi, CIO & Head CSR, Hero Motocorp; Vaishali Nigam Sinha, Director, ReNew Power & CEO iCharity; Abhishek Humbad, Co-Founder, Next Gen and moderated by Sapna Bhardwaj, Head Video, The Economic Times (Digital). Speaking at the panel, Vijay Sethi stated, being the world’s largest two wheeler organization, Hero Motor Corp’s CSR vision is about three things; greener, saver and an equitable world. Plantation of trees, educating the girl child, creating toilets and road safety are the major categories Hero Moto Corp is focused on. “The key thing is, apart from what the government does on funds, it is the skills relating to project management which ensures that Re.1 spent by private sector or corporate sector on CSR would get much more mileage in the corporate sector. The fact is that, it is not just the money part but also the human capital which is getting into CSR from a company’s perspective.” said Mr. Sethi
Vaishali Sinha stated ReNew Power is a company which is just about five years old. Being a fairly young company the 2% mandate has little to do with what ReNew power is doing. She asserted CSR is very critical for the organization, with a presence in 20 villages and over 80 sites across India, ReNew Power has partnered with communities, NGOs and the government to deliver the CSR objectives. “We have broadly divided CSR in three broad categories, human capital, social and natural capital.” said Ms Sinha..
Speaking at the panel, Abhishek Humbad said, “We work with corporate in channelizing CSR capital, we currently work with more than 150 companies and channelize about Rs.1000 Cr of CSR capital annually. The CSR law has made a big change in different ways. India was always a responsible country, what the law did was to make it more structured. Earlier it was more of cheque book charity or donation but now it is more of a strategically approach.”

The other talk points of the panel was: the way ahead 2016-2017, 2015-2016 the impact, CSR a responsibility or charity, regulatory body for NGOs and CSR projects, sectors benefiting the most with CSR and the neglected sectors, women in the board, how to select the correct NGO, CSR and the changing trends in corporate world, quantum of spend and the impact, NGO as a professional sector, public spend on CSR and corporate spend, leveraging technology to enhance CSR activities, pain points of the CS etc ..

   "We generate wealth for the people, what comes from the people, must to the extent possible, therefore get back to the people.”-Bharat Ratna-JRD Tata VISION: TO BRING WORLD PEACE THROUGH INTERNAL TRANSFORMATION. MISSION: "TO CREATE PLATFORM FOR LINKAGE BETWEEN BOTH THE ENDS FOR CONTINUOUS SOCIAL REFORMATION" .

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