YAVATMAL: A woman, who started in life as a ragpicker following the death of her father when she was just three years old, has set an example of what grit and determination can do by becoming a nurse.

She is now all set to get married on October 2 in the presence of senior politicians here.

She, alongwith her mother and younger 1.5 year-old sister Kshama then started ragpicking on the streets of Yavatmal city to earn their livelihood.

Both the sisters used to walk on the city’s streets carrying gunny bag on their shoulders and collected the rags from gutters. After sorting out the rags and other waste materials, they used to sell it to scrap merchants.

In spite of working for long hours — sorting waste and selling to scrap dealers, the two sisters never let their education take back seat.

After completing their course, Banu, in her early 30s, is now working as nurse in a public health centre while her sister opted out of it and preferred to remain with their ailing mother.

With the help of their savings, they studied till class 12 and then joined the Government Medical College, Yavatmal, for the Auxiliary Nursing and Midwifery (ANM) course. Banu finished the course and is now working at a public health care centre. Her sister chose to drop out of the course to take care of their mother.

Impressed by Banu’s determination to survive all odds in life, Shabbir Khan, a tailor from Rui (Wai) village in the district has come forward to marry her.

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