JANUARY 9, 2017

Students excelling in classical art, drawing and folk art can avail of 10-25 extra marks in Secondary School Certificate(SSC) exams from the next academic year.

A school education department government resolution said it was decided to award marks to those displaying proficiency in visual and performing arts from March 2018, on the lines of sports marks, which made a come back last year.

“Like sports, students possess skills in drawing and classical art, hence they too must get a chance to use their talent to succeed.

Many students use folk artto uplift society, hence it is importantto ensure they are encouraged,” said Suvarna Kharat,deputy secretary, school educationdepartment.

Students who learn classical dance, drama and singing for at least five years and pass at least five exams from a government approved institution will be given 15 marks in the board exams.

Those who pass three exams will get 10 marks. Students who win at national or state-level tournaments and scholarships in classical art will get 25 marks. In case of no formal training, students can get marks based on number of performances in class VIII-X.

Those winning accolades in children’s theatre too will be eligible for 10 marks. The government has told institutions to develop a curriculum for experimental folk art and get it approved by the department of cultural affairs. Students opting for the curriculum will be eligible for 20 marks.

For those excelling in drawing,5-15 marks will be awarded on the basis of grades in intermediate drawing exams. Students passing the exam can avail a junior college seat under 2% reservation for cultural quota.

Saturday’s GR states that a student will receive a maximum of 25, even if he/she excels in arts and sports.


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