The ideology has emerged from a few basic universal truths, the first and foremost is, like the intrinsic quality of sugar is to provide sweetness, the intrinsic nature of human life is ‘happiness’.

The second universal truth is that everyone possesses the inherent ability to be happy, eternally and supremely, yet we keep searching it outside of us.

The third one truth is the fact that the law of attraction works in every situation, so when we have the flow of only negative news around us, we tend to have more instances of negativity, while if we have more spread of noble, virtuous and positive acts being done, acknowledged and talked about, we will have more of positivity and happiness around.

Based on this ideology, an effort has been made by The Positive Times team to lay a foundation and a platform where the efforts of various NGO’s will be noticed and recognized in making the society a better place to live and for the corporate, who genuinely wants to work on the premise of benefitting the people and the planet out of the profits that they earn by making use of the tangible and intangible resources of the universal. This not only ensures creating happier times, but makes our planet sustainable, so that the entire mankind lives a much healthier and happier lives.

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