Torrential downpour for the past few weeks in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana has left many residents stranded in their houses.

Amidst narratives of poor civil infrastructure and hardships faced by residents, many stories of hope and courage are also coming up from Hyderabad. Hundreds of good Samaritans chose to come out of their homes, risk their safety, and help stranded victims as much as possible.

Individuals and NGOs came together –

 Ashish Jain from the Jain Yuva Sangathan was one of the first among scores of citizens coming together to volunteer for the rescue operations. Since many people were not able to prepare food at their homes, he distributed 500 packets of food on the first day in areas like the slums in Mayuri Marg, Ambedkar Nagar Colony and Begumpet.

And once his phone number went viral on social media, people from all walks of life offered to join in. He coordinated with them and was able to provide 5,000 packets of food on Saturday. Ashish also coordinated with volunteer groups such as Nava Sevak, which is providing flood relief items in various parts of Hyderabad. On Sunday, a total of 100 volunteers had distributed 1,500 packets of biryani, biscuits and water by the afternoon. Ashish later distributed food packets to patients in Niloufer Hospital too.

An NGO called Help Hyderabad sent volunteers around the city to understand the needs of people in different areas. They identified 22 houses in Peerzadiguda and 500 houses in Sadat Nagar and Uppuguda that required urgent help. Relief material including medical aid and drinking water was sent to all these places.


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