Services to NGO’, trusts and other charitable Institutions:

Understanding vision and mission of the institution, activities and projects they are currently involved and various challenges faced by them. Guiding and consulting them on any possible gaps in implementation of their projects.

We aid in identifying the right resources at the right time. Our tie ups with social welfare institutions help procure the right people for these various institutions.

We help match the vision of the NGO/institution with that of the corporate, brining in concrete implementation of grass root projects towards developing sustainability.

Services to Corporates/Industries

We aid the company in assessing the need and the areas which require efforts and activity to be conducted. It is an analysis on the ground level. For instance, if the surrounding area is facing acute shortage of drinking water, what steps can be taken to provide them safe drinking water. Once various alternatives are identified, various other factors like, topography, cost of the project, sustainability and maintenance are studied, based on which implementation schedule is decided.

We provide CSR training programs and offer long-term support/ handholding for organization’s senior and middle management to enable the company to implement its policies, deliver the road-map and effectively use sustainability management tools.

We aid the Client in development of their CSR Policy aligning the same with company’s vision, mission and objectives. A company with huge numbers of blue collar labour employed, may want to better education for their children and better life for their families, accordingly, those kind of activities will be suggested.

We at The Positive Times, believe in creating human network. And accordingly have number of NGO’s and other institutions and agencies specializing in meeting the needs of the poor  and the needy and doing social activities providing betterment of life for all. We believe in joint implementation, through these experts across the country.

Only implementation of a project is not an end in itself, unless and until the beneficiary endorses the benefits that they are receiving. We undertake periodic monitoring of the CSR projects on behalf of companies and conduct evaluation assessing the actual impact of the initiatives on the targeted communities.

We help the companies in reaching out to the relevant stakeholders through various reports as required, like Annual reports, Sustainability reports, Website reporting and Newsletters

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