Creating Opportunities through Sustainable Development


  • 50% of India still does not have access to clean & reliable energy for lighting, cooking & electrification.
  • Switch On is provides training on Solar technics
  • It has trained many Solar Entrepreneur & Technicians since 2009.
  • It trains women to build & promote improved cooking systems.
  • Over 10,000 households have adapted Clean Energy Solutions in West Bengal & Orissa after their interventions.


This project addresses the energy needs of backward, tribal communities in Odisha, by providing them solar lights, and developing local capacity for Technical Servicing and Entrepreneurship. This will help the community by – Providing opportunities for better educational facility – Increasing working hour and income – Developing Rural Energy Entrepreneurs and creating Green Jobs – Create access to clean energy solutions – Catalyze over all community development.


Odisha is one of the least developed states of India with the 2nd lowest human development index. Over 3 million people still continue to use fossil fuels such as kerosene, coal, and diesel – all of which are detrimental to the environment, unhealthy, and unsafe. The challenge is not the technology, but the lack of awareness, affordability and servicing infrastructure for repair and maintenance of solar system.


Providing access to renewable energy technologies is half the solution and may not be enough. The project will also provide villagers with practical skills through the capacity building program, which they can then utilize to provide servicing and creation of livelihood and income generating activities. Your donations will help a family with solar lights & mobile charging facility or train 1 entrepreneur to service & repair technical problems of the tribal village.

Long-Term Impact

Through this project you will not just light up a home, but help a child study better, help a family take up income generational activity like sewing or make ‘paper packet’ with additional working hours, and help a entrepreneur light up his community for a livelihood. In the long run, not only these families and villages will be able to survive with dignity through the income generated through entrepreneurship and additional working hours, but also benefit from better education and health.


   "We generate wealth for the people, what comes from the people, must to the extent possible, therefore get back to the people.”-Bharat Ratna-JRD Tata VISION: TO BRING WORLD PEACE THROUGH INTERNAL TRANSFORMATION. MISSION: "TO CREATE PLATFORM FOR LINKAGE BETWEEN BOTH THE ENDS FOR CONTINUOUS SOCIAL REFORMATION" .

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