“Potentially the biggest business opportunity in the history of mankind” – this is how one IT engineer describes the internet of things.

With billion connected ‘things’ likely to be in use, how will it adjust our economic and social landscape?

Technology research company Gartner’s definition of internet of things (IoT) is as follows: “A network of physical objects that contain embedded technology to sense or interact with their internal state or external environment. The IoT comprises an ecosystem that includes things, communication, applications and data analysis.”

What we are looking at is a growing network of interconnectedness between intelligent electronic devices. This could mean, for example, all the ‘things’ in our kitchen working together, with sensors, alerts and apps to let you know wherever you are, that there isn’t enough milk in the fridge, before connecting with an online shopping app so you can top up your supplies. However, the potential goes far beyond the kitchen, to whole communities, cities, and even countries, interconnected and sharing information like massive self-monitoring nervous systems.

The ultimate goal is to make our lives easier and safer, and the opportunities IoT could present are hugely exciting. The technology will be applicable across all sectors, enabling us to, for example, improve our energy usage, healthcare, and the way we do business.

Jeremy Green, principal analyst at machine to machine communications analysis company Machina Research, describes the scale of IoT’s future impact: “The language people are using, they’re talking about this as the fourth industrial revolution, with the first being steam, the second being electricity, the third being about information, and this the fourth: connected things.”

Plamen Nedeltchev, from leading technology company Cisco, believes IoT could see us “inching towards utopia”.


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